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Huawei brand bentonite in large pipes Directional Crossing Project Application


      In recent years, directional technology in the world through the trenchless industry has been widely used. Especially in the environmental and municipal pipe network renovation and expansion projects and large pipes crossing rivers, roads, buildings and other projects, but also shows its unique advantages.

      Weifang Hua Wei Bentonite Group Co., Ltd. is a research, development and production in one of the national high-tech enterprises, the China National Petroleum Corporation network member units, the China Association of non-metallic mining. 2001 passed the IS09001-2000 international quality management system certification. Hua Wei Na bentonite R & D machine is the national patent products. The company's production of "Hua Wei" brand sodium bentonite drilling, directional through bentonite, bentonite efficiency was rated as famous brand. "Hua Wei" brand directed through the bentonite has good suspension, thixotropic, fluid loss is small, mud performance, easy configuration, etc., have been a number of non-excavation companies across a number of projects in the West-East in practical application, and confirmed "Hua Wei" brand of bentonite is directed through various non-excavation essential ideal base material.
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