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Bentonite Professional Committee convening the fourth Congress


     Oct. 30, 2013 China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association bentonite Professional Committee held its fourth Congress in Beijing, a total of more than 40 representatives from all over the country participated in the meeting. This congress aims at Chinese bentonite ’s fast going on the track of scientific development, harmonious development, innovative development. China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association Executive director Zhang Zhan, vice-chairman of the Qin Dynasty and the Secretary-General, WL Wang behalf of the Secretary-General attended the meeting.

      Secretary-General Qindinghui from China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association presided over the conference , general manager Wengshenggen from Walter Industries Limited, Hangzhou, extended a welcoming address. Zhangzhan on behalf of the Executive Chairman of the Federation warmly congratulated the convening of the conference, and then the members of the bentonite conducted the re-registration, elected a new leadership team and set up a fifth of the bentonite experts Group Vice chairman Wang Chunwei of Zhejiang Walter was elected the fifth president of bentonite experts Group; he made further arrangements on the next step of the work. 

      The meeting is a complete success!