Montmorillonite products

Cosmetic additives

Price:US $550-1500/MT
Product description:
1. Montmorillonite Cosmetic additives.
2.Passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certification.
3.Stable quality

Montmorillonite cosmetic additives

      Cosmetic grade montmorillonite colloid products, it is composed of three eight octahedral smectite and special two eight sides of montmorillonite after purification, modification, modification. The highly hydrophilic make it in formation of thixotropic gel non-Newtonian liquid type in water or alcohol and high polarity cleaning agent (such as glycerol, sorbitol) .Has excellent expansibility, colloidal dispersion, suspension, thickening and thixotropic in water, Is the excellent anti-sediment agent of water system, Instead of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) in cosmetics, Can improve the fine paste, strips, and stability. Montmorillonite as cosmetic ingredients, for the production of natural ecological moisturizing cosmetics, Have the decontamination, detoxification, relieving itching, beauty, moisturizing properties.


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