Montmorillonite products

Alcohol clarifier

Price:US $550-1500/MT
Product description:
1.Montmorillonite alcohol clarifier.
2.Passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certification.
3.Stable quality.

Montmorillonite alcohol clarifier

      The main ingredient of alcohol clarifying agent is high purity montmorillonite, it Is a natural montmorillonite inorganic gel products, with high purity, high whiteness, high dispersion, high adsorption. When clear wine, it wills lamellar dispersion in the wine, it wills adsorption the materials that influence the clarification of wine. Through the pore adsorption, adsorption, adsorption of impurities, charged residues, protein etc, Can effectively remove colloid and impurities in fruit juice, Accelerate the turbid juice flocculation process, Particularly suitable for rapid and continuous production of fruit and vegetable juice production line, such as apple juice, pear juice, This product belongs to non-toxic products actually, meet the food industry hygiene requirements, Used as additives in food processing.


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