Montmorillonite products

Po Tsai powder

Price:US $550-1500/MT
Product description:
1.Topical health montmorillonite.
2.Passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certification.
3.Stable quality.


      The raw materials is high purity montmorillonite, mainly used in animal breeding places, improved farm hygiene environment, prevention of environmental pollution and disease, improve the survival rate of piglets, promote growth, and improve economic benefits. Used for pigs, cattle and Poultry litter, Can absorb a large amount of indoor ammonia and other harmful gases, and can drive the flies, keep the environment dry, Inhibition of bacterial growth, Against respiratory diseases, Treatment of piglet diarrhea syndrome, Also can be used as the quality talcum powder of primary animal. Also available in pig tail, castration, smear in the wound, its role in homeostasis. No harm, no irritation, natural environmental protection.


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