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Green Future "Degradation of new materials innovation seminar was successfully held in China Weifan



      October 24, 2015 afternoon, sponsored by the China Packaging Federation support, Dazhong News Group, Qingdao University of Science and Environmental Protection Science Research Institute of Shandong Province, Weifang Hua Wei Bentonite Group organized the "Green Future" Degradation of new materials innovation seminar was successfully held in Weifang Oriental Hotel. More than 100 industry experts and research institutes, Xinhua News Agency, Science and Technology Daily, Dazhong Daily and other media reporters more than 50 participants, at Qingdao University of Science and Technology set up a biodegradable material and research base in China Wei bentonite Group, and the opening ceremony; China Gezhouba Group foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. and Hua Wei bentonite bentonite Group for application development and marketing strategic cooperation agreement, and the signing ceremony; Hua Wei bentonite Group Chairman Zhao Yumei BMSC technological achievements of R & D conducted on-site release.

      At the meeting, seven well-known environmental degradation materials industry experts hazards and control measures in the white pollution, starch processing and starch-based plastics mechanism biodegradable materials, the development of composite materials degradation biaxially stretched film, the development of bio-based and biodegradable materials terms of applications, technology development opportunities degradable material progress and film companies, research and development and other biodegradable materials delivered a keynote speech. Finally, the general manager of Hua Wei Wang Song of bentonite group led by the technical team came to power with the experts, the media BMSC products, technology, white pollution control, market prospects and other hot issues were fully exchange.


China Packaging Federation plastic packaging Committee Secretary-General Zhang Chunlin Speech


Dazhong News Group deputy editor Zheng Libo Speech


Bentonite Group chairman Wei Hua Zhao Yumei site News


Zhao Yumei, vice chairman and president Liu Ye Qingdao University of Science and Technology jointly inaugurated


Group General Manager Wang Song of Hua Wei bentonite and China Gezhouba Group Foundation Engineering Limited Minister Ouyang star signed a strategic cooperation agreement


Shandong Province Environmental Protection Science Research Institute of the total workers in the Army "white pollution hazards and their control countermeasures of" keynote speech


Professor Yang Jinhui Shijiazhuang Railway Institute a "mechanism of starch processing plastics and starch-based biodegradable material," keynote speech


Hua Wei Bentonite Group's total labor 朱家牧 a "composite biaxially stretched film degradation of development," keynote speech


The Secretary-General of the China Association of Plastic Association degradable Tang Sai-Zhen a "bio-based degradable materials development and application," keynote speech


Agronomy professor Ning Tong former Shandong Agricultural University, "Technological Progress and film business development opportunities degradable material," keynote speech


Liu Ye, vice president of Qingdao University of Science and Technology were "biodegradable materials research and development," keynote speech


Wang Song of Hua Wei, general manager of the group led by the technical team of bentonite and experts, the media fully exchange views on hot issues related